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Are you, like me, always disappointed when those 26 lone episodes are over? Me, too. Here's where I've journeyed in Dixon Mills (and somewhat over the horizon as well).

• "Two Travelers on a Snowy Night"
There is no earthly reason for this story, except that it features two characters who exist in the same era. Total indulgence on my part. If you don't understand who the other character is, start here and then continue here. Before you ask, yes, our POV character is reading The Andromeda Strain. [Pre-series.]

• "A Fair of the Heart"
The approach of the county fair means competition is running high, especially in the preserving contest, where at least one entry begins to receive poison-pen notes. Meanwhile, a young man who cut himself badly while putting up booths for the fair is warned of the dangers of tetanus—but never shows up at the clinic for his shot. [Takes place several months after "Two Points of a Pitchfork."]

• "A Stop Along the Way"
Dan Palmer is on his way to Kingsbridge to consult on a burglary spree when he meets a strange dog on the road who leads him to an elderly man in distress. As he helps his colleagues on the burglary case, the big German Shepherd keeps showing up. Although the character in this story is taken from his original series, I noticed that the Executive in Charge of Production of the remake series (Seymour Berns) shared the same duty on Doctor Simon Locke. [Takes place after "A Fair of the Heart" and before Thanksgiving.]

• Drabble: "New Blood"
A drabble is a story told in 100 words. [Post series.]



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